Abreco Cutting Procedures

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Water jet machine

Abrasive water jet or EDM (Electric Discharge Machining) is the recommended best way to cut Abreco Laminated Wear Material.

Thermal cutting by oxyacetylene torch, arc-air or plasma is not recommended due to excessive localized heat input resulting in a high risk of cracking and delamination. The excessive heat also acts to anneal (soften) the white iron thereby reducing wear life in the heat-affected area. If abrasive water jet or EDM is not available then cutting by abrasive disc (“Zipcut Cut-off Wheel”) is recommended following the procedure below:

  1. Mark a cut line on the mild steel backer. Cut through the mild steel backer material and lightly score the white iron to a depth of approximately 1/8” (3 mm).
    2. Turn the plate over and cut a notch, minimum 1/8” (3 mm) deep in the white iron directly over top of the cut in the backer material.
    3. Place the plate in a vise and clamp securely, flush to the cut line.
    4. Strike the plate sharply using a rubber mallet or dead blow hammer (or wrap plate with a cloth if using a metal hammer). The plate will break cleanly at the notch. Note: the deeper the cut in the white iron the cleaner the break.

    Canadian Wear Technologies offers a full cut to size service utilizing our CNC water jet cutting equipment.

    If you have any other questions pertaining to these cutting procedures, please contact our office.
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Hammer the free end of the Chokbar with a rubber hammer in order to form the mild steel with the surface to be protected.

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