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Abreco Cutting Procedures

Abrasive water jet or EDM (Electric Discharge Machining) is the recommended best way to cut Abreco...

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Abreco Recommandations de Coupage

Les méthodes recommandées pour couper les produits laminé Abreco sont la coupe au jet d’eau ou bien...

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Abreco Welding Recommendations

The backer plate used on Abreco Wear Products is a low carbon mild steel (44W or A36).  Use a low...

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Abreco Recommandations de Soudure

La plaque de support utilisée sur AbrecoPlate est fabriqué en acier doux (genre 44W ou A36)....

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Welcome Dexter Wheeler to the Team

We are delighted to announce that Dexter Wheeler has joined our sales team at Canadian Wear...

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Abreco - material and designs that are engineered to outperform

Read the original article in Quebec Mining Review 2019/2020

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